Shopping with a chimp

Yesterday Marissa and I took Caesar shopping to Hobby Lobby and Michaels. The goal was to see if we could find a little teddy bear t-shirt that would fit him. Neither place had one though. As we were entering Hobby Lobby a lady stopped me in the parking lot and wanted to know if he was real! Then inside the store we got lots of stares as I pushed him around in my cart and one lady brought her kids over to see him. The little girl was taken aback when I asked her if she wanted to hold him! I gave them a business card. I didn’t talk to anyone at Michaels but got lots of stares there too. It was funny carrying a baby monkey around!

you can tell you guys had a blast with it, wtg!!!

That is hilarious! Amazing how fast those brave teenage boys can back down when confronted with a real threat! Like my son was when he got a tick in a certain spot…suddenly he was a little boy again …or when he fell and scraped his back really badly. Makes me realize that they never really grow up!

I have a monkey that I bought on ebay and my son teases me and says that I should take him to the zoo so I will have to tell him your stories. My husband loves to bbq so I bought Noah the baby monkey a shirt that says I love bbq. My husband and son think he is pretty awesome

That’s a funny story Debra! Your monkey is so cute too! Looks like you rooted a lot more hair on yours. I didn’t have the patience to do a heavy root job on mine. It has about as much hair as my pre-made Bindi does but I gave him more hair on the head.