Shipping woes

so I ordered from the sale yesterday,. And I have looked every where on the site to tell me if they are delays due to the holiday but… nothing, anyway I sent them an email and asked if there was a problem and if it had shipped. the reply I received kind of upset me. what I got was “it hasn’t shipped yet, when it does we will send you an email with the tracking number”. hmmm that was a bit rude, ive ordered from them before, I know how it works., usually its sent out depending on when you order ,sometimes on the same day. any one else having problems? and its already gone through my c.c. so that’s not the issue. im at a loss.

Never had a problem with BB. They’ve always shipped really fast.

They could just be delayed at the warehouse with orders and Easter. I have never had any problem with BB. I am sure your order will be fine.


I ordered the other day and I kind of thought I would have my package today but I think probably it will come tomorrow. I think it is taking 1 day longer for some reason. They must be backed up a little, but I wouldn’t worry about it, they are pretty darn efficient with their shipping. I think we get so used to them being SO quick that we get a little impatient sometimes. Don’t worry, it’ll come soon.

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I just ordered yesterday too but didn’t even think about the shipping time. With the ‘deep discount’ sales they probably have a lot of orders to fill and that may put them back a day or two. Easter is Sunday and they may actually close for the entire weekend…I hope they do anyway. I wasn’t going to look for my box until Monday or Tuesday.

i placed an order too and was wondering the same thing
i emailed them and received the same response from them however
shortly after i got another notice that my order had been shipped with a tracking number
i place an order every month and have never ever had an issue

no ive never had this happen either that’s why I sent them an email. then to receive the short uninformative answer was a bit upsetting, I have yet to receive the tracking email.i mean all they had to say to me was,"we are running behind because of all the orders/holiday "etc… id have understood.i have to know when to start watching for my deliveries because our mailman is lazy, instead of walking up one stair to put it by my door he leaves it on the porch.i have had to chase lighter packages down in the yard .anyway I just wanted to see if anyone else was having issues as well. thank you for the reply’s. and Im not bashing bb, or saying anything bad about them,its that this is not normal for them and I was concerned.

Do you guys work on Easter Friday and Monday? Here nothing is opened on Friday, and most people get Monday off as well.

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I don’t think that there are many businesses that close in the USA on Good Friday or the Monday after Easter either.

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our mail ran today as well, and I have not received any kind of information from them(bb) since the original email. It doesn’t make sense, I have never had this happen before. and understanding can only go so far .I mean there is nothing anywhere on the site saying they aren’t mailing today, or even closed, so with out communication what am I supposed to think? oh well not much I can do so ill give it until Monday then Ill figure out what I want to do then. thank you again.

You might be better off giving them a call.

Does BB promises to ship the same day ? I think shipping within couple of days is very reasonable.

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I agree, I always have my order from BB within a few days, they must just be very busy. I have ordered from other dealers and they take WAY longer, a few days is not cause for alarm. Be patient.

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