Shipping out of the country?

I have someone from the reborns website that wants to buy 2 of my SOLE lits- BUT she lives in Czech republic- Has anyone shipped there before?
I’m nervous to ship valuable kits there…
Anyone sell to Dagmar Pasterňáková?

I did ship to Romania with no problem other then shipping was slow. Custom fees were charged to the buyer. She might look up if her country charges custom fees.

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Thank you!

Run the postage through PirateShip. Their rates are the best and you can generate the required forms on site.


I haven’t shipped a reborn there, but I have a couple of good friends that live in Prague and have shipped gifts and care packages to them. Shipping was slow, customs takes a couple weeks usually, but besides that I’ve never had any issues. I’ve always shipped USPS priority international.

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I would just make sure she is okay with shipping taking longer than tracking quotes. I sent a baby to a neighboring country to the one you mentioned, and it was supposed to take 6-10 days. It took almost 6 weeks. Thankfully, the customer was a repeat and very understanding. We can’t do anything about shipping speed and/or errors, but I think it helps to let the buyer know it’s a possibility that shipping could take a lot longer than quoted.