Shipping on wholesale site

Is the shipping the same on the wholesale site as regular site? I’m trying to figure out is it worth me buying the license for my state.

Cost wise? Yes

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I see some of the kits are on sale on the wholesale site n not the regular site. I would think the shipping would be cheaper. I assume the same kits may eventually go on sale on regular site.

I believe you just need a resale permit to buy wholesale. That’s what I use. It doesn’t cost anything in California.


Shipping costs are the same, but the kits tend to end up being cheaper.

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Thank you, I’ll look it up.

Be careful some require quarterly tax submissions even if you don’t sell anything you need to fill out forms declaring that or you can be fined by your state.

Might be wise to call an accountant

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Most all states require sales tax submissions now. It is just that many reborn artists are not reporting properly because they have not applied for a sales tax ID and it pretty much is on the honor system. I got mine this year and here you have to report monthly whether you collect any sales tax that month or not. It is not a big deal, it takes 10 mins and you do it online. Mine for this month was $3.50 in sales tax. Of that, the state collected $3.39 and told me I got to keep 11 cents.
You only have to pay sales tax in areas for which you have a Nexxus. For me that is just for the state of GA because I do not have a Nexxus in any other state as I do not sell enough to cross the dollar threshold limit in any other state. If one goes to a doll show, a vendors sales tax must be filled our and sales taxes paid on sales made at that show in that state’s rates. Each show should provide a form for that. I assume ROSE did. I am told Kansas does.

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