Shipping from MacPherson's

Don’t they have any flat rat shipping from Canada? I really hate having to pay postage separately. Sometimes the shipping is more than the item and that’s a factor for me in deciding whether I want it or not. I don’t want to spend an additional $80 or more just to get free shipping.


If you don’t spend enough for free shipping, you do have to wait for them to invoice shipping cost. They don’t do any flat rate shipping or auto calculated shipping. However I’m told if the price is too high after the invoice, it isn’t a hassle to cancel it! I’ve only ever done free shipping through them though so I can’t confirm that.

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Ways make sure I have the 100 so I get free shipping :slight_smile:


I also have only ever had free shipping. One kit and you’re there.

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Their shipping is usually inexpensive but does differ depending. I have paid as little as $2.95. I think the most I ever paid was either $7.95 or 10.95 for smaller/orders under $100 to be shipped here to the US.

Hmm not sure, I ordered from there again today and they ship out SUPER fast but I always just spend the 100

I’ve ordered from them before. I live in the Netherlands so had no free shipping for a single kit. I didn’t like how I had to wait for the invoice to see how much the shipping was. The business and customer service are great, but that just kinda put me off.

that’s my motto too <3 LOL