Shipping from Australia

What’s a reasonable amount of time to expect a package to arrive in the US from Australia. Item was ordered on Nov. 29.

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That is a good question!

I’ve ordered items from Australia and it took about 10 days, but this is the busy time of year for shipping so it may take a little longer.

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Depends on how it was shipped but usually if it was express post international it take 7 - 10 days…other kinds of shipping can take up to 21 days or a tad longer…I post to my family in SC regularly and it is about 7 days usually…


I’m just getting nervous. It’s my Rio kit from Tiny Tots Nursery.

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Jean, I think I ordered will around the same time and nothing yet. Did you get an email that said he shipped?

No. Did you? All I’ve received is order confirmation.

Yes, I got a shipping confirmation. He is in the country… But I can’t track anymore than that. I would send them an email!

I just did.

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Hi Jean, Just ask Rhonda for a tracking number…She will have that and should get back to you with it…Her hubby helps run the website too so you should hear from one of them…We are able to insure international parcels here so there should be no problem…I think the USA doesn’t allow people to insure overseas shipments anymore which may be why some won’t ship overseas…at least that is what the PO told my mom and dad in South Carolina…

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