Shiny after rooting

Does anybody knows why a reborn can become shiny after rooting? what I can do for avoid this? My babys are usually matte before even applying the matte varnish, after the first matte varnish it gets a bit shiny I’m not sure why ( I only use matte and drop of gamsol) I keep adding like 3 varnish and it gets super matte well then I start rooting and when I finish rooting and take the pics for sale it starts to look shiny only in the cheecks and nose though but I never touch the face so I’m not sure how this happen… my guess is the neck pillow or the heat from the rice sock makes the vinyl get shiny… This happen to someone else ? I’m tired of always have to remove the magnets and everything for apply another coat then the hair always get a bit damaged after the bake and really makes me sad…this happen to me every time…

Could the face be rubbing on your rooting pillow?

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Oils from your hands.

Try putting some plastic over the rooting pillow or whatever you are using to hold the head while you root. The plastic seems to have a ‘non-friction’ surface. It’s worth a try, I do it when I paint with air dry and I let the air dry paint cure for a good week before I begin rooting (learned the hard way, Darren’s nose rubbed off cause I tried to root too soon after finishing the paint and varnish. Do you apply your varnish really thin? Maybe it’s just rubbing off.

Im my opinion Matte varnish is not a good final varnish. I don’t use it, but I purchased a doll finished with matte varnish and her back of the head went shiny just laying in the crib. I varnished her with Americana soft varnish on top.

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