Sharlemae Miracle

About six months ago, I thought t had totally ruined my Sharlemae trying to use larger eyes. I had tried to use a dremmel andj, well you can see what I did to her eye sockets. I was so upset. Jeanllhai offered to try and fix my baby. She has worked hard and patiently on her. Today I received her back in the mail and I was totally, totally amazed. Look how pretty Sharlemae is. I did root some hair on top which I think looks really cute. Jeanhai is truly a miracle worker.


WOWWWWW!!! This is amazing!

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Wow! I would never tell that eyes were damaged. Great miracle job @jeanhai!

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That is really amazing!

Wow! That’s major talent right there! :open_mouth:

Nice job

@jeanhai how in the world did you do that? Awesome! @pattyabe so handsome!

That is amazing restoration!

Thank you. I enjoyed salvaging this baby.

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Amazing transformation!!

Wow, great job @jeanhai

AWESOME repair job…you did wonderful!!! :hugs:

Wow amazing save and the baby is beautiful!

Wow, great fix

He’s a cutie!

That is superb! She did an outstanding job of fixing him!

Truly amazing, you would never know !!!

She did a great job fixing her up!!

That’s GREAT!!! WOW!!!

Wow, what a great job.