Sharing my Unboxing Videos for LEVI & DeShawn

After recently getting my refund from PayPal after that 4-month custom doll debacle (link here:, I decided to spend the money on buying two new babies.

Oh, my god, they are such cutie pies and I’m so in love. :heart_eyes:
I bought them both from

Levi reborned by Rachel Williams of Sister Bear’s Reborn Nursery

DeShawn reborned by Christine Scherer of Poodie Luna’s Doll Nursery

Does anyone know if they are active on these forums? I sent both of them links to the unboxing videos so they know I did them :slight_smile:

Here are the videos:



These are both new kits for me!! I have never owned a Levi or DeShawn before :heart_eyes: DeShawn is also my first AA doll. So in love with his big eyes!!


Sweet babies, and great videos. Who painted your Levi?


Thank you, Gabriell! This is Levi’s artist!

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I tried dressing baby boy Sparrow as a girl and OMG the pink in her lips really pops with this outfit. So cute!! Now I can’t decide if I should keep as a girl or boy lol


I think this one is adorable as a girl. Either way he/she is precious. Such a Sweet look, I think I vote Girl!!

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Both of your babies are absolutely beautiful !!!

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Is it my imagination or does it look like Levi’s left top foot has the paint coming off? I certainly hope that’s not the case.

I do believe Levi was made to look like he’s got dry skin. That is probably what you are seeing.

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100% boy, IMO :upside_down_face:

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Yeah, it’s dry skin effect. You can really see it up close in the video she posted on her reborns listing. I like it a lot.

Does it have feel to it? Does it feel like it could peel off from changing and handling?m

It’s raised / yes, with rough handling it could possibly peel off. I am super gentle with all my reborns to preserve the artist’s work.

I’m not sure how she did it, but if I had to guess she maybe used this product. It extends nails, but I think it could have other uses too, like maybe creating dry skin effects. I’m not sure.

I decided to keep DeShawn as a boy. He’s too cute this morning.

Miracle Blend also had a dry skin formula, I used to use it a lot and it looks exactly the same as Levi’s little feet :slight_smile:

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