Sharing my mini baby bed

I am so proud to have found a miniature baby bed on Ebay for my tiny OOAK I got at IDTS!


Did you get the complete set? I bought this set for my daughter for her doll house :blush: It’s a perfect fit for your little one :blush:

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What a perfect display!

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so sweet

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Awe .that’s so adorable.

What is IDTS I know it’s a dumb question sorry. Cute cute bed.

I just got this bed. I didn’t see a set.

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THat is the International Doll and Teddy Bear Show they just had in Ashville, NC.

I’ll send you a picture a little later :blush: the set is adorable and well made :slight_smile:

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Love it !! Just the right size.

That is so cute

Here are the pics of my daughter’s set. I guess they aren’t the exact same bed but, very similar. Must be the same maker :blush: I just love this set! When you have children I think we often buy for the inner child in us :smile:

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that is very pretty!