Serenity Invoice

Can anyone tell me what was the total cost of Serenity? I just received my invoice and it seems a little high since it had a $30 deposit.

In Australia…$55 pre order deposit …Total cost $185

I got my invoice for 99.99 dollars. I had $30 down also.

Thank You Ladies, in that case it is totally correct. I have ordered a few pre-orders lately and I guess I just got the prices mixed up. Thanks for the reminder!! Old Age again !! LOL.


129.99 plus shipping

My invoice is for 129.00 I’m confused bc I also put 30.00 down. I had paid for 2 kits in full, and then put the 30.00 dep on the 3rd one. Maybe I’m being charged shipping too?

[quote=“MoonlitNightNursery, post:8, topic:25679”]
Maybe I’m being charged shipping too?

Did you order from Macphersons or Laura herself? If you ordered from Laura you are definitely getting charged for shipping 3 kits.

I ordered from Laura. So, it’s probably the shipping on top of the amount due

Yep, that’s it !!!