Selling on Facebook problems

Has anyone had any problems posting a doll on Facebook in 3 different reborn groups and I keep getting it rejected by Facebook saying it goes against community standards and it lists, misleading content, counterfeit or fake products, I’m so confused why it’s happening !

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I believe others have had similar problems, use the spy glass to search for other posts. I don’t use facebook, but I’m sure someone will be along soon to help more.

Yep. They think you are trying to sell a real baby. I understand that to a point. But then my Lucian was banned too. I guess they think werewolves are real too. :woman_shrugging:t2:


Oh that’s ridiculous, can’t even appeal !!

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Yup, I’ve had that happen. I filed a grievance, or whatever they call it, but never heard from them. Odd thing is I immediately posted again and that time it accepted it.


It took me 3 attempts on the last one I removed the words baby and adoption and it allowed it :joy:


So to avoid this put it under antique/collectibles and don’t forget in title reborn baby!! Good luck and hope this helps


Avoid words like “baby” and “adoption” and other words that would lead the system to think you are trying to sell a human.


I didn’t use any words and was uploading pictures to some artist page, and out of 7 six were rejected with that message. I gave up :frowning:

It’s so crazy, you can’t even appeal because when you click to do that it says due to covid they have less people reviewing appeals and then the only option is to close the box