Seconds question

Has anyone ordered a seconds kit and if so, to what extent is the flaws? I am thinking about one for a customer. I told her that they have flaws but we just want to make sure we are not getting a 3 eyed baby or something. Lol


I order them all the time. I haven’t found anything wrong with them.


I’ve never gotten one with an actual visible flaw.


This might help


My Charlotte seconds has a small yellow mark on one palm. Other than that the “flaws” have been dirt and washed off…

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I’ve bought lots of seconds because I have never had one with any flaws that would affect the final appearance of the doll. Most have had slightly out of round (on the bottom only) flanges on one of the pieces or maybe a thin loose strip of vinyl inside the flange that just needed to be clipped off. Some were labelled seconds and I could never find the flaw. I think the majorly flawed pieces are sold as practice limbs or heads.

I have never had any problems…only thing I can say is check for your kit first to see if it is on sale…kits that are on sale cost even less than seconds kits many times…!!..:slight_smile:


I have one n haven’t seen anything strange or flaws.

I’ve never found any flaws on my seconds.

I’ve ordered seconds and almost never find any flaws, maybe a teeny blackish fleck somewhere but nothing big deal.

Most of the time I don’t ever see a flaw, once I bought a kit with one eye slightly smaller than the other. But BBs website did tell ya the problem on that kit. It was a LuLu kit, but she turned out great, her new mommy loved her.

Thank you so much for all the replies.