Second edition Chase Brown

I just wanted to let you all know- the second edition of Chase doesn’t come with a COA.
I wrote to ask MacPs and I was informed that the second open edition does not come with a COA.
Although Levi and Twin B are from open edition and did include a COA.
Just something to watch out for because I made a custom Chase and the new Mom wanted the COA , and instead I had to email her with the info and invoice from MacPs because of No COA on a Bonnie Brown looks scammy (like counterfeit kit)
Just a heads up to watch out for in all the scams these days, customers definitely want a COA


Ugh! I thought they did. :frowning:
Maybe a photo of the back of the head will help prove the legitimacy?

I really dislike that. Imo all legitimate sculpts need a coa nowadays


I agree that they should. Unfortunately, since thieves go so far as to fake an entire doll, a piece of paper would be even simpler to copy.


This isn’t good. I was going to purchase him for the first time. They are saving me money :slight_smile:


Sending along a copy of the invoice is a good idea though.


I am wondering why chase doesn’t but Levi and Twin B have COAs stating open edition… I hate not having a COA


Yes! Regardless of the edition just to let you know it’s a legit kit. BB should do it with thier regular sculpts too. Customers don’t always understand when there is no COA


Yes sometimes they don’t understand and I get it too- because when you are new to buying reborns, one of the things you learn is that you should be buying dolls with COAS. So I definitely agree for sure.
Especially a Bonnie Brown sculpt, she’s so popular


I think COAs are overrated. Plus, it is an added expense for the sculptor. We have scared the community into thinking these are the only thing that makes a kit valuable. If they are new to the community, then they need to only purchase kits from reputable dealers. Instead of spending so much time posting hundreds of scamming sites, just keep promoting the reputable ones. A dozen of those are much easier to learn and it doesn’t hurt to support those small businesses by spreading their links. Not falling victim to a scam is about educating yourself. If they are going into this business, they need to familiarize themselves with kits. THEY SHOULD LEARN THAT NOT ALL KITS COME WITH COAS AND THAT IS OK. Please stop scaring the community and we wouldn’t keep having to jump through hoops as sellers. We shouldn’t have to “hold the hand” of every newcomer in the community. I know some of you feel like you need to be a helicopter parent, but please stop! If you give a man a fish, he eats for a day; If you teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime.


It’s ok, it wasn’t that serious. She just asked, and then I thought it was strange because Levi and Twin B had one for an open edition.

I don’t really think it is a big deal for an over 100 dollar kit to be issued a Certificate of Authenticy. It can’t cost that much for them to print one up. And honestly I like them. I charged $899 for a Chase, that’s a lot.

But end of story- it wasn’t even an issue. I just posted here, because I thought it was weird.
I don’t want this post turning scary.


Thank you Katie for the information. I personally think the COAs are relevant because it help verify that the kit is legit. With the increase in Chinese replicas, and people selling their scam dolls…the COAs add a little sense of security into the buyers purchase.

If I know the kit doesn’t have a COA, I’m not going to purchase it. :woman_shrugging:t4:


Why are you so angry with your response? Coas are important to most customers. We as sellers need to deal with that.

I agree as well.
If we didn’t have COAs, then someone can grab a knock-off April by Joanna K, and make a baby out of it. And if not for COAs, the collector would have a baby made from an illegal counterfeit kit.
I mean, if Cabbage Patch Kids for 50 bucks can have COAs, then for our reborns I think it is nice if we have one from the sculptor to provide.

And all that said-
I do like COAs, as it feel more professional when I can provide that information for my customers who are paying good money for my product.


But if one doesn’t come with one that is ok too. If a customer asks for one, and I don’t have it, I will show the invoice of the sculpt (if this is necessary) or simply provide them with information telling them the sculpt doesn’t have one. No biggie.


I’m just frustrated that so much emphasis has been put on a piece of paper when that is not the problem. The problem is a lack of education seen in collectors and new artists. There are artists that have made a mission to convince the community that if a COA doesn’t come with a kit then it must be a knockoff. That is a complete lie. Unfortunately, you can’t stop scammers and many artists and collectors don’t care where they buy the kit or who they buy it from. So, why not spend the energy on educating people to shop wisely? Those that are concerned are unlikely to purchase a doll or kit from someone they doesn’t already have a good reputation in the business. A post was made about a kit without a COA and I am giving my opinion on it. No biggie. Take it like you want. Now, we have artists talking about disassembling dolls and taking pics of the neck. Seriously?! If you have that much distrust in your seller, then move on. I don’t support copies/fakes at all, but having to jump through hoops this much is exhausting. Buyers need to step up and take on personal responsibility in protecting themselves. The burden shouldn’t have to be solely on the seller. Your reputation should be all you need. No one cared about COAs until a few years ago. I can’t tell you how many I have thrown in the trash.


You honestly believe that a reputable seller would risk selling a fake?

@katieperry If someone came to me and wanted to know if a doll you posted could be a fake because you didn’t have a COA, I wouldn’t hesitate to tell them that you don’t sell fakes and that piece of paper doesn’t matter. You shouldn’t need that to be considered professional. You have earned that within the community.

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Wow, that’s not good, seeing that China is counterfeiting Bonnie’s sculpts like crazy. Thanks for the info!

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And I believe the reason for this is due to the growing increase of knock-offs being made by China and a few other countries. It’s gotten way worse lately, but it began several years back.

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