Second baby that sold in two days...AA Ginger updated added hair

Okay so I did his eyebrows late night when I should’ve been going to bed the other night because my eyes were heavy and I was sleepy. And so they came out looking like a mess in my opinion (if you seen my Shyann, you saw how nice her brows were). Anyways completes him yesterday and posted hum last nigh and he sold today. Shyann sold two days ago. Woooohooo


Congrats on the sales! More dolly money is always a good thing :slight_smile:

He’s adorable!! Congratulations on the sale!!

He looks wonderful… You did a great job on him…:heart:

Congrats on your sale! It’s so nice when they sell quickly :slight_smile:


First of all congrats on the sales!!
And also you baby is so sweet!

His new mommy wanted him rooted so I started last night…(w.i.p)
What do you think? **Sorry for the side pictures. I honestly dont know how they came outside ways and one didn’t.

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