I strongly dislike the rough feel of my babies once I seal them with matt varnish. I also strongly dislike the shine. Is there something I can use to seal the paint and remove the shine as well?

Folk Art Glass and Tile Medium, is what I have been using it is matte but grainy. I hear Soft Touch Varnish is the best. Good Luck!


Tx you!

You could mix matte and satin varnish together it will make it less rough. That’s what several members here do.


I hate that sandpaper feel. I have VERY lightly and gently smoothed it with super fine sandpaper and resealed with Americana Soft Touch Varnish. I put it on very thin, with a brush, in small sections, and go over it with a dry brush to matte it. I let it dry and then do it again.

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Nice technique @jeanhai

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Thanks everyone. I researched the soft touch varnish, but I’m confused. is it the one in the jar or the bottle. Will it leave a shine on the doll and where can I buy it.
Thanks in advance.

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Hobby Lobby I got the one in the little bottle to try it, they were out of blue label. I think everyone says to get blue label but others say violet label works too. No shine with blue, purple leaves a dewey sheen. I think.

I use the Americana Decor in the jar with the lavender label. I got it at Michael’s. You have to stir it well. It doesn’t leave shine if you matte it with a dry brush-just the teeny tiniest bit of sheen like real skin has.

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This is what I use and I love it!

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