Sculpting an elf

I have been struggling with a baby I was attempting to modify. Trying to paint epoxy in natural flesh tones and get it to blend with GHSP flesh tones is feeling a bit impossible.

So what do you do?

Pull out your old sculpty and start from scratch.

I had this head form, bought is a couple years ago, beats foil any day!

I am not skilled at sculpting hyper realism… nor do I enjoy it but I am kinda excited to try today!

Fingers crossed!


I’ve seen those before, they look so odd, haha.
Cant wait to see the result! I love elves!

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Yayyyyyyy!!! I think you’ll like working with the doll head form. Can’t wait to see :blush:

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Good luck! Let me know what you think of the sculpting form. I’ve been thinking about getting one for my next sculpt!

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I’m excited to see your sculpt! :slight_smile:

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