Scratch from rooting

Im getting very excited almost done rooting baby .to me she looks so cute!!
BUT…i have 2 little whit dots under her one eye where i guess i missed when rooting eye lashes with barb… got right under eye Anything i can do to fix that ?i dont want to ruin the paint sanding It really looks like dry white eye goo from sleepy eye on a real baby but i want it gone if possible .


Are you sure those at rooting holes? When I enlarge the picture it looks more like glue.

@AmyR777 …Amazing Amy, can you help? I know you posted about re-baking heads after rooting.

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If you need to bake after rooting, wet the hair and place a moistened baby hat over the head.

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She looks so beautiful and I love her coloring!!

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They don’t look like rooting holes to me either when I enlarge the picture, looks like flesh paint or glue maybe? If they are holes, you can just cover the babies hair with a damp hat and cover eyelashes with damp round cotton pad things and bake the baby, should close them up. Or just run the baby’s head under hot water for a minute, make sure your eyelashes and hair are glued first if you do that

Thanks ladies for the help and the compliment.
Did i say its the Avery kit?.I REALLY LOVE HER FACE!!!
No they are root holes well Not really “holes”… more scrapes i guess i poked and missed or something…I tried to scratch them off with my fingernail…you cant…its vinyl chunks standing up…and inbetween a few tiny faint scratches that are very light you cant see them in the pic.
Stupidly i put glue inside the head already or id try baking.but i added more eyelashes the few on that side got pulled out while rooting the head…i dont see the spots now.Maybe they are covered by eyelashes!.Have to look in sunlight in the morning.
It isnt being sold I just made her for my Moms 95th birthday in 3 weeks so its ok on this one i guess Hate that i was so careful on everything then messed that up…
She will never see detail like that though .She has macular degeneration
Another .Lesson learned …

That has happened to me before and I take tweezers and pull that vinyl off and then put a tad of color over it and bake (bake with wet towel over her rooted hair) and so far it looks perfect after.

Im so mad at myself!
i glued her hair.
Went to get glue walked in the door and glued it.Totally forgot i had that scratched vinyl.ugh
think tweezing them off and rebaking would have done it. Fingers crossed the eyelash will cover it when i look in the morning Thanks.

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I think shell like it.Dumb im not a doll collector but im getting attached to Avery… face so cute
My Mom only has one or 2 dolls but likes them and 95 hard to find a good present she doesnt have