Scarlett kit

Did anyone order the Scarlett kit by bonnie brown (from ?
I received my invoice after I paid the rest of my pre order, the middle of June, but have yet to receive any conformation of shipment or tracking number. Anyone waiting on a scarlett as well?

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I ordered 2 from Macpherson’s and I received only 1 on Friday. I sent an email and hope to get an answer on Monday. What happened to my other baby???

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I emailed Bonnie and she sent me my conformation number!
Its coming from Austrailia, still there as of the 16th, USPS never updates their tracking :rage:

I’ve had trouble with USPS tracking updates lately as well! Poor Jackie has been so patiently waiting on her PIF which was expected to arrive Wednesday and only 2 scans were showing up on tracking. Finally last night it was updated and said delayed. I was really getting worried it had gotten lost! Thank God it didn’t and hopefully she will receive it tomorrow!!!