Say hello to my baby Shanelle!

Here is my first baby. I have some questions that I’ve asked before, but I just wanted to share her and show so you can see what I’m working with :blush:

I’d love to see her but video isn’t working. It says it’s private.

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Video will not play.

I changed the video. Try now

I changed the video. Try now

I changed the video. Try now

Unless you want to re-do the hair totally,it looks to me like maybe size 36 or 38 needle was used.That large of a needle picks up a bunch of hair at once.If you don’t mind it being thick just root some more until you fill in the gaps.The black on fingers and toes may wash off.Use a wet cloth and try that.I would only try washing if she has been painted with heat set paints though.Don’t rub too hard or the paint may come off.

I’ve tried pimple cream, soap, and 91% alcohol. Nothing worked. It just took the paint off, but not the stain… :unamused:
We have non chlorine bleach that we’re gonna try next. Because I bought her off the internet, I don’t know if she was painted with heat safe paint. I’ll try the bleach and see what come of that.
I was going to use either a rag or a Q-tip. What do you suggest?

Did you have the pimple cream that is benzol peroxide?Not sure I spelled that right.I put it on a stain and put in a sunny warm place after wrapping with saran wrap and most stains come off in a day or two

Yeaaaaaaah. Where I am it’s never sunny. Haha and it’s already deep into fall so I haven’t seen the sun for a long time. I just stuck her under a lamp and hoped for the best. I’m not sure what the cream was. I have to check.

Thank you. How long should I have her under the tryer? and Can I use a plastic bag?

and 10% what?

benzol peroxide

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or however its spelled .lol

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I use this. It works great.

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Where can I get some?

I think I got mine at Walgreens. I’m pretty sure that Walmart and stores like that sell it too.

It doesn’t have to be name brand.It just needs to be the 10 percent benzoyl peroxide.

@sweet95kitty @CarolinaCuties @Sony72 @Little_Ducks_Nursery @jeanhai I found that non chlorine detergent works well. I used some last night and it worked well. Took a lot of the stain out. However, the gloves (disposable latex) stained her arm a weird yellow/orange color, so I have to work that out now as well :sweat_smile: I’m just happy I found something. I want to thank all you lovely ladies for all your help! :two_hearts: :baby: