Saving for when you are good enough

How many kits are you saving to paint until you are better reborn artist.

What’s holding you back?

I’ve got
Henrietta by Shelia Michael
Gabriella by Regina Swialkowski
The most expensive kits I’ve purchased and I’m afraid to ruin them even though I could buy more if I did

She’s HUGE and idk if I can get her in my oven. So I’m saving her for when I get a newer digital Nu wave oven with two extender rings

I’m saving these guys for portrait sculpts of my kiddos

Kase awake
Emma sleeping
Thomas awake

Asher awake
Thomas sleeping
I’m in a mission to collect all the original realborns but because it’s so hard to get them I’m afraid to paint them lmao :woman_facepalming:t2:

Hoarder problems


Pretty much all. Lol. I’ve dibbled dabbled here and there in painting but have yet to really sit down and get to painting. Getting quite a bit of a hoard of kits so I need to get to it.

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Go ahead and paint one of them. I have a feeling you’d do just fine. You can always strip and start over. The only way you can totally ruin a kit is if you melt it. I use air dry paints but if I used heat set I’d be sitting right in front of the oven while the parts baked, especially if it was an expensive kit.


Psh I started reborning with my favorite baby, Jack by Nikki Johnston. He is a hot mess but luckily I have a second kit I will do a year from when I first started! It will be fun to compare them.

I don’t save them; normally I paint in the order I buy them.

Edited to add: and I’m nowhere as good as most of you guys. :joy:


You are so brave

I wish I had your confidence

You will only learn by making mistakes. Paint them, strip them if you must, but do it. You’ll get better and better.


I think maybe in my case it’s more naivety. I thought I’d be better faster. :joy: Seriously though, just do your favorite one. If later in a year or two or whatever, you want to redo it, you always can! That’s the beauty of it.

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I always feel like I’m saving all of them. The best way for me to reborn one kit is to have two of them so I’ll still have one left. When I don’t have doubles it takes me almost as long to paint the kit as it does to pick one out of my stash. I’m like that with everything though and always have been. Even when I was a kid I would save my erasers and dumb things like that because they were too good to use. What’s wrong with me? haha


I used to be this way for sure. Especially when I was younger. Then one day I heard a song and it snapped me out of it. It sounds weird but it was on Grey’s Anatomy. I was doing a lot of “waiting” and I was like dang. This is the original version not the Grey’s cast. :joy: Wait - Get Set Go - YouTube

My fine China I use for fried rice, my fancy perfume I wear even when I stay home, my nice makeup I use, the good bra goes on under a plain t-shirt, the expensive champagne gets drunk. My SO is a saver too though. She has multiples of everything but always ONE she will never ever use.


LOL, I’m the same! I didn’t have the heart to paint Sunny until I had a second one. Now because of the quarantine, I’m just dividiving into all of my Reserve kits and not buying anything new until they are gone. I really do think it benefited me by cutting my teeth and developing my style on the older BB kits that kept coming up for sale. Now, what I have left is kits I love. Selling them is gonna suck!


I’ve been collecting Adrie kits & stashing them in my “baby closet”. They are going to be my keepers and I want them to be great. I think I set my hopes so high that I’ll never paint them! So far I have Xavi, Annie, Lola, Robin, Lucia & Ollie. Still a few more I want to get…


Ladies and gentlemen !!
Enjoy your reborning time and enjoy your reborned babies . Keeping the unpainted kits in plastic containers under your bed , in your closes etc . It is just 25% happiness :grinning:.
I have Adele by Ping Lau waiting for me


I feel I have the problem where I’ll buy kits and then save them because I’m excited to paint it but after I paint it I won’t have it in my kit stash anymore :joy: and once I take a kit out of my stash I’m like I NEED to buy another kit to replace it :joy:


Okay this I do!!

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Oh no!

Now I need to buy a good bra and champagne :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Funny story I went to Victoria’s Secret with my daughter and bought some pretty things for myself because they were having a sale.

When I got home I looked at the receipt and I looked in the bag, looked around my room and said oh hell no. I returned it all the next day and when the lady was asking me why I had to explain I’m not that kinda girl LOL

Yes I am starting to think just having them is joy in itself. But I haven’t finished one I’m happy with so I would t know any other way, but I did decide I’m going to use Presley asleep as is, naked no paint to start documenting I my props cause it’ll be another six months if I don’t

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What’s holding me back is, I don’t want to mess them up and I don’t want to send them off to get painted by someone with actual talent and possibly end up not bonding with them even though they look amazing.

On that list of those I have in my possession*:

-Romeo Blick
-Elf Ira
-Abigail Ross
-Josiah Ross
-Jaylen Ross
-Lil Champ Ross
-*Warren Ross (*I don’t even have him yet and I’m deeming me unworthy)
-Ella Wegerich

-There’s probably a whole host of others I’ll be intimidated by I don’t have yet

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Kits I am saving:

Jack and Posy
Jocy #2 (the first had pits)
Charlotte (LLE)
Tobiah (LLE)
Emma (Sigrid Bock)

I am afraid to start them and screw them up :woman_shrugging:

I figured I would go through all the Realborns first, and then start on my LE kits once I felt I had mastered all the skill sets needed to be a prototype doll artist. I still have a long way to go.

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This is totally me too, soul sister! That reminds me, I have some fine china that I’ve been wanting to wash up and use!