Mind is fine


I think most of them they are like that . I sent one back because had black dots on the face . They replaced it with no problem but all of my Saskia kits has an eye problem . I am finishing painting the second one and when is painted you can see the flaw better .

To bad because the kit is super sweet .

I just unpacked my 2nd kit…embedded black spots over the left brow…GRRRRR :+(

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Oh no!!!

Did you get her Niki?? I ordered one the other day and I hope I don’t get one with a problem.

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Shame! Anyone who has one paid good $ to have it.
I know I sacrificed something to get mine. :frowning2:
Mine has a tiny hole in left ear lobe but its not too bad, so
I’ll try to deal with it as not worth sending it back then awaiting
another that might have same thing or worse.
God bless.

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If you paid full price you should ask for partial refund. It is not fair to expect high prices for kit that you have to spent time and often money to make the fault acceptable, and may not be able to sell it for as much as you would perfect one. I once had a kit with little hole on the ear lobe, which I was able to cover with earring, but she was difficult to sell, and I had somebody abusing me because babies should not have earrings. On other kits I have made some holes on limbs into scratches, but as far as I am concerned that makes it a booboo baby, and I would not charge a much as for perfect one. It’s different when somebody deliberately paints a scratch; there is no hole in the vinyl.

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