Samira by Conny Burke KIT for sale(includes BODY AND GERMAN GLASS EYES all sold


brand new toddler kit, makes a 28" toddler, included BONUS German glass blue eyes AND German full limb, jointed body… 159.00 plus shipping


Love this kit!


one sold, have another one, same deal :slight_smile:


Wait, MacPherson is still showing her as a current preorder - has she shipped already? This gives me high hopes for Amaya coming quickly after her preorder opens!


yes, I got all mine today, from Irrestables (I am in USA)


I want it so bad! Ooh, I’ve got some thinking to do.


nice kit, I just like larger toddlers :slight_smile:


Is this kit still available?


yes, I have 3 left… free shipping in USA also, message me your paypal and can invoice you, and ship Sat


Does she still come with the items described?


oh, yes, def!!