Sally Brown on Goodwill

I’ve gotten obsessed lately. Too bad she doesn’t come with COA


My favorite kit. Wonder what the bid was that got her? I’m in CA so doesn’t matter.

She is currently $37

That is so cheap, I would have to bid on her for sure!

Why does it matter that you’re in CA? She’s in WV. Shipping to my CA zip is only $25.17. If there was a buy it now option I’d get her.

Signed up to bid on her but don’t know how to get to her.

Don’t you just click on ‘place bid’ and follow the instructions? I’ve never done it so I don’t know. I got to her with the above link.

Got it thanks :footprints: :baby:

Good luck. I hope you get her.

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Since there are four days left, I figure she’ll got up to about 100-120. Unless someone else who knows what they’re looking at finds it. If it wasn’t an auction, I would have bought it even without the COA. Would’ve been a fun project

unfortunately there is a fake Saskia listed as well

How is that web site works? Does anyone can post there for sale or only Goodwill does?

There are many fakes listed there as they list anything that is dropped off

Only goodwills across the country

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I bid! I did not even know Goodwill auctioned off items.


I didn’t either. It’s unfortunate I found out, because now I’m on the site all the time!

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Haha now I have something else to look for on there… I find some great deals on American Girl dolls to redo but never thought of looking for reborns!