this is Drew he is now a she and his name is Ruthie for my grand baby for Christmas … napbucket/ Photobucket | The safer way to store your photos … 2-orig.jpg

I used mohair for the first time

Awww very cute Drew -do you like using mohair ?

I thank you. yes it is definitely different tho.b I was worried it would break me out since I can not wear wool clothes. Breaks me out instantly and in huge welps. The only thing is how do you hang on it? It crept everywhere.

I hold a lock between my middel and pointer fingers at the top of the hair -lay it against the head and hold it down with my thumb on the bottem side of the hair (This is done in my left hand -as I root with my right )Hope that helps

Thank you Cher I just have one more question So you root from the middle then?

I root from the middle. I fold it and hold it between my thumb and index finger. I then pull it a little to fan it so that I can get one hair with my needle. This way, though, it actually ends up being two hairs in the hole. Often the second half breaks off and I just end up with one.

Someone is getting a vert special Christmas present. Beautifully done.

I can’t see the link

I love her name -it really suits her !!!

here is Ruthie

She is so sweet! I looks like her eyelashes are in the wrong place though… they do not go in that eyelid crease. Did you root them? Have they been glued in?

rooted and i pulled them out. At the moment she has none at all

Oh, I guess you had not glued them in - good, that makes things easier.

Usually, most ladies use artificial lashes (like what BB sells) on open-eyed dolls because it is tough to get them in the right spot without them poking through where they should not! I tried to root them once on an open-eyed doll and it was really bad…

Sleeping babies, on the other hand, are very easy to root the eyelashes. Just be sure to glue them inside the head like you would the hair or they can be easily pulled out.

If you want to try to root them again, the placement is on the eyelid edge closest to the eyeball. I have been told that it is easiest to do before you insert the eyes although I know that there are some that prefer to have the eyes in place. Not sure how you would glue them with the eyes in, though.

Hope this helps!