Rush job baby

Had to rush to finish up a gift, so here she is… just have to add gloss here and there. Hope my friend is happy with her. @Nikkiroc, here’s the dress I got from you.


Just noticed some of the colors look weird in the photos. I give up. Guess theres no option but to get a real camera. :no_mouth:

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I think she looks lovely and not at all rushed! She will be loved❤️

Looks good! :slight_smile:
What sculpt is it?

Thanks @jlesser! Angel body and limbs, Jaden head. :slight_smile:

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I thought it might be Angel’s body but couldn’t place the head… LOL ;)\

I need to find a head for my Angel… lol, Or add clay to her face… :confused:


I bought 3 Angels just to be able to swap out heads. Lol If you use a big head, you can get away with using the Angel limbs. Jaden is a discontinued sculpt, cute as can be, just didn’t have very detailed limbs.

What heads are you thinking of using?

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Not sure yet. I think the heads I have here are either too little or too big… lol

I have a Fei Yen head, a Liam head and a Jesse head… so far

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@DollyPardon I love her!!! The dress looks great!!! Great job! Please let us know what your friend says!!!

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She’s gorgeous! Her dress is beautiful :heart_eyes:

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Sugar, Precious Gift, Gabriel and Gina all work with Angels body



My friend received her baby today and could not thank me enough. She loved her and thought her little outfit was adorable. She went home and told her husband that she took in a foster child. He belived it and freaked out! Poor guy. LOL Anyway she named her Katie and said that she couldn’t wait to go shopping for her.

I never got into this to sell them or anything like that, but I finally understand the joy that some of you describe when a customer falls in love with your baby. :blush:


That’s to funny I hope she dragged it on a while lol. Beautiful baby and dress.

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Thanks, @babymaw. I was actually hoping she didn’t. They are older folks… poor guy might have had a heart attack… :joy: