Rothman Center Doll Show

When I started doing this show, me and my friend were probably the only two people there that did reborns, and we knew our buyers and what they wanted. Later, some well-known artists have come to the show on a regular basis and, it seems, feel that people who don’t sell their dolls for hundreds of dollars are undermining them. The person they appear to be referring to is my friend, who has probably sold more reborns and made more money at this craft, than anyone. Believe me, she is truly an artist, taught much of what she has learned to me, and has taught dollmaking for more than 20 years. Just because people do not use Genesis paint and use wigs on some dolls does not mean they are not selling a quality product. I know, because I have seen this person work in her shop and know the time and love she puts into her babies. Not everyone wants a “just from the womb” look. Some of our customers find that type of doll to be too reallistic and unappealing to younger collectors. I, myself, do not care to make the most realistic babies. My goal is to make a doll with a face that calls to you and touches something within. I admit, that I forego the veining and blotchiness in favor of dolls that are rosey and pink and cute. And it takes just as much time to make this happen as with all the intricate detailing. We have chosen to make our dolls affordable and within reach of the average person so we can continue to make money at our craft. We didn’t take business from others, they came into our territory. I think this is why I like
craft shows. There, the people come up to our dolls and truly appreciate them and when they say they are “scary” I laugh, because they should only know… At a craft show I did recently, a little girl bought a doll and said to me that she loved it so much she could cry. That’s what reaffirms our belief in what we do and how we do it. I appreciate what these other talented artists do, honestly I do, but while anyone can make a doll, to continue to have a successful business you have to be doing something right.

I agree wholeheartedly. What you choose to ask for your dolls should be what you feel in your heart you want to get out of the doll. Some of us take great pleasure in seeing our babies go to a new home no matter the cost and some of us take great pleasure in seeing how much money we can get for what we do.

In short, I believe people should MTOB! Let me spell it out. Mind Their Own Business. Don’t worry what the other person is doing, worry about yourself.

If we can all mind our own business, we won’t have time to tell others how they should mind theirs.


I would be happy to post pics of show but all I have is my area! I usually take pictures
of my booth to use for craft shows.


I would love to see those pictures also! I can’t go to doll shows so I vicariously attend thru others pictures and drool over them! LOL It is also great to get ideas for displays etc. So, please do share your pictures with us!

I would also love to see pics of your booth. Please post them.