Rosebud clothes size

Does anybody know what European size would fit Rosebud or does anybody make clothes that can be sent to Germany .

I have Rosebud but I’ve not painted nor assembled, I’m guessing but preemie?

I did the google thing for conversion from US to European. I hope this helps!!! Well shoot when posted it changed my format!

Australian Size — US Size ---- British & European Size
00000 === — Preemie & Micro === Below 56
0000 ==== ---- Newborn === 56
000 === 0-3 Months ==== 56-62
00 === 3-6 Months ==== 62-68
0 ==== 6-9 Months === 68-74
1 === 9-12 Months ==== 74-80
European sizes are based on the length of the baby (for instance, size 56 is made for a baby that is approximately 56cm long.) Measuring your baby’s length can be a good guide.


Thanks @missy_mooz I’m still puzzled this is the size guide I have on the website

Hmmmm, my GUESS is the second Early Baby 3 lbs - 5 lbs ??? I wish I were more help! I create my own custom clothing all the time I do buy “ready made” but seldom. What type of clothing are you wanting? Dress? Long gown? Romper?

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She should fit a 35/40 size.
But I found that dresses are more forgiving. They can be a bit bigger and still look good.
Onesies on there other hand…

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@missy_mooz thanks l am just after any outfit really . I’d love to learn to make baby clothes but never sewed in my life :laughing:

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Thanks @EnchantedOrphanage I just wish I knew how that converted to kg lol I didn’t realise this would be so difficult doing a small kit.

I’ve found a website with a handy table. You could look at how big the baby is and find the corresponding weight.

Looks like smallest size?

@EnchantedOrphanage your a star :heart_eyes: thank you

You’re welcome. :slight_smile: