ROSE transportation from/to airport

Anyone know if there is any transportation from/to the Salt Lake City airport to the Hilton Garden Inn (other than taxis)?

You could do an Uber, I know sometimes they’re cheaper than taxis. There should be a shuttle, though for such a big event. You could check the hotel’s website.

You can check the ROSE website. I would also recommend that you check with others who might be arriving at the same time and see if the want to share a taxi van.

I called them. There is no shuttle.

I know that’s why I recommended that you see who’s arriving at around the same time and see if you can share a taxi van or a rental car.


I’ll do that as soon as I know when I’m arriving. I haven’t booked my flight yet. I don’t want to pay for a plane ticket until I’m 100% certain that I can go.

I really want to go but really don’t like to be away from home. Trying to muster it up. Ugh!!!

If you can, you should go. You’ll be fine and it will be fun.

@jeanhai, last year I used the “EXPRESS SHUTTLE” service, It was $33 each way plus whatever you give the driver for a tip. I didn’t think the price was bad cause it takes like a half hour to get from the airport to the H. Garden Inn. And they are right there at the door to pick you up and take you back to the airport according to your itinerary. I was comfortable with them. In fact I reserved mine a couple of months ago and it has already been paid for on my CC.

You better get that ticket girl or the price will be higher if you wait too long. You gotta go, you’ll have so much fun. Do you have a room reserved at the Hilton?

I understand but if you can muster it up, go, you’ll love it!! And believe me you won’t feel like you are with strangers, everyone is sooooo nice!!

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I get in in the middle of the night. I was told that uber service is great there.

Transportation is now a moot point for me. Some things have come up and I’'m not going to have the money to go. It’s just not do-able and I’m really upset. I wanted to go so bad.

I’m sorry @jeanhai I know you were looking forward to making it this year. I was hoping to finally meet you. LIFE seems to be happening to others this year as well. Next Year maybe??

Hi we are recommending Express Shuttle from the Airport Or some people have used Kirk Strickland with UBER