"Rose" Prototype

Is this the Rose who went mysteriously missing from the gallery?

http://www.ebay.com/itm/HBN-Art-Dolls-P … 604wt_3084

Oh wow- she looks like a chubby Hattie- very very cute- hope BB announces her soon!


Beautiful doll, but I’m not too impressed with the nails.

[attachment=0]rose hands.jpg[/attachment]

I agree on the nails…and surprised to see them looking that way, really. Gee.

Maybe she had coffee before she painted- I did that once- and not recommended-

The rest of the baby is gorgeous…beautiful hair & skin tones

That’s exactly what I was going to say. The baby is beautifully done with the exception of the nails.


Any reason why she was removed from the gallery?

Oh I did not know that she was?? Hmm

I only have very slight moons on my thumbs (and yes, I am a growed-up like my son used to say!) Catherine is the same so no, I don’t bother painting moons on my babies. Wonder if it is the mixture of Mountain Dew and pain meds that i making me have probelms. A good excuse at least

Those nails really are a mystery…

Everything else is SO perfect!

(BTW, I also think the half-moons are a lot less common in real babies that some might think… If you google “baby nails” in Images, you’ll see that they are really scarce… Plus, on a reborn, they can make it or break it, if they’re not done extremely well.)

Evon did an really good job on this baby and once again I love the hair and skin tones but like everyone else…“what was
she thinking when she did those nails?”…They don’t fit the rest of the detail at all.

Rose is back on the home page now…I was looking at Evon’s auction…was especially looking for her size…didn’t see it (did I overlook it?) but…I did see where she says this baby was sculpted to look like the Pratts youngest daughter Rose…so…how many is that? wasn’t Eliza #12? Hey Pratts…how many of those gorgeous little ones do you have now?

I did see on the BB site that Rose will be a 19" kit

Wonder if Denise ever gets time to play dolls or sculpt if she has that many little ones! I just re-read the info on Rose but didn’t see where she was the youngest, just their daughter. Maybe she is older than Eliza. Otherwise, I’m sure they would have done her sculpt like Eliza’s. Wishing they got a few more babies digitally scanned and uploaded! Then maybe I could download a real baby!

above the picture of the real Rose it says (copied and pasted)
A PROTOTYPE sculpt by the talented Donna RuBert

  • A special portrait sculpt of Denise Pratt’s youngest daughter

who needs dollies when you have a real baby around? :heart: