Rose limbs

I am considering ordering Rose (great deal!) but it seems like her limbs are longer than usual. If you have seen them in person, can you tell me if they look awkward? If so, do you think a body for full limbs would look better than 3/4?

I haven’t bought Rose, but I did buy Gemma and the limbs on her are fine. Also, with arms, it’s doesn’t work the same as when the leg is long – in order to look right, the arms would have to have a shoulder to look like full arms. A long leg can be made into a “full” leg by setting it in the front of the body made for that style…not so with the arms.

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Well I feel so dumb now! LOL That is so obvious but it didn’t occur to me. It is times like this I wish I could delete my posts :wink:

Thank you. If I modify it to have full legs and 3/4 arms with a kit that wasn’t created to be that way I think the arms would look too long for the legs. I will trust the sculptor and stick with what they made it for :slight_smile:


Don’t feel silly - I can’t wait to see your finished baby Rose. When you get her in person I think you’ll like it as I believe Gemma has the same limbs.

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