ROSE 2021 Cancelled

To our valued friends and family of ROSE,

After much consideration of our current world conditions with the COVID pandemic, and not knowing if an in-person event will be possible in July, we have decided it is in the best interest of vendors, shoppers and general show supporters to cancel the ROSE 2021 in-person event.

Instead of the in-person event that had been scheduled for July 2021, ROSE International Doll Show is investigating the possibility of hosting a 2021 virtual event. We have a lot of fun ideas for this virtual event, and will be announcing details as they become available.

All current ROSE in-person 2021 show vendors as well as guests will be refunded completely for their purchases of booths, tables, event tickets, and showroom floor passes. For hotel reservations, you will need to contact the hotel you registered with and arrange your own cancellation. For classes, please contact your instructor for information on refunds or possible virtual classes per the instructor’s discretion.

It is our continued plan to have a ROSE 2022 and beyond. We feel we need to withhold future show dates until those future shows are stable enough to ensure that they will happen once announced. We are currently planning on using the beautiful Davis Conference Center for future ROSE in-person events.

We plan on using our fun Beach Babies theme for the 2021 virtual show. An exciting new theme will be announced at a later date for our next in-person show!

We appreciate all of you in our ROSE family so much and hope that you are all happy and well. We are very much going to miss seeing you in person. We look forward to our virtual show and future in-person events. It will take a few days to process all the refunds, but rest assured that they will be taken care of as soon as possible. Thank you all so much for your love and support of ROSE.

Your friends at Bountiful Baby and ROSE


Though I am sad, thank you for calling it early and not making people try to figure out refunds or reservation cancellations closer to the show dates.


This is sad but understandable. Hopefully life will get back to normal soon. :cry:


Awe, I understand. I can’t wait to experience the show!


Thank you. Better safe than sorry. :mask:


I had a feeling but hoped things would get better. I appreciate you cancelling in time for people to take care of reservations and not go into production mode.

Next year…

With a two year break there will be more of us healthy, excited and missing it like crazy, its gonna be the biggest show ever! I am gonna come early and have a big tailgate party.

I wouldn’t mind taking my refund in store credit, lord knows I am buying up realborns as fast as you release them.


Maybe Australia will lift overseas travel bans by 2022 and I can save up and BE there :slight_smile:


Yes! I love the way that you look for the silver lining in a stormcloud. :heart_eyes:


I was wondering already about the event, due to the actual global situation, than you, for a quick response on this matter.

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Fingers crossed for 2022, may be able to save enough to be there <3


I think a virtual show will be awesome! Hoping to attend a virtual show and I can not wait for the day I can attend the ROSE event in person.


On the plus side, cancellation of the 2021 show gives us time to save up more spending money. :wink: