ROSE 2017 air dry class

I just wanted to give a shout out to my friends Cher Simnitt and Tonya Trapple. They will be teaching a class at ROSE 2017 on air dry paints using Che’air Dry Paints.
I have been using these paints for over a year. The paints have held up beautifully. I have been very pleased with them and the results I get using them. Cher and Tonya are both wonderful and knowledgeable artists. I recommend their class if you’re going to ROSE.


Thank you Lollipop we are so excited to be doing this two day class ! Everyone who attends will get a class size set of paints to take home plus we will be showing how to add extra detailing will artists pigment pastels. well be giving out beautiful class crests and planning a few quick games with great prizes to break up the days !!! I look so forward to meeting lots of Dolly friends there and in the show hall on Sat and sun july 21-22 -I will be showing off a couple of my very own sili babys too !