Rooting Tools/Starting Supplies List?

So I have a friend that wants to get started in rooting, (Yay!!!) and I’ve searched the topics, but can’t find a good list. Can someone please tell me your favorite supplies for getting started with rooting? What are your must-haves, the essentials you wouldn’t want to root without, and the things you’ve splurged on? Have you made anything yourself (like a rooting pillow)? I’d love to see your lists. Thanks!! :smiley:

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These are all my personal choices…others will have different options as well…

Mushroom tool (some ladies don’t use them but using a bare needle will very likely eventually lead to arthritis in your hand for most women but a personal choice of course)

42 and 43 gauge forked needles, (42 for yearling and other and 43 for fine kid if they will be micro rooting very fine baby hair.)

Quality mohair is a must have…I use Susan Nagel or Slumberland

Some ladies use rooting pillows but I cradle the head on my knees…lol

A heat light…great for warming hard vinyl and also for lighting the head so that you can see your progress…

Baby Brush, Large Tooth Comb, Spray conditioner and good scissors and/or razor comb for cutting and styling…


Thank you Starr! Are there any brands you prefer or places you like to shop for your tools? :slight_smile:

I use a bare 43g 1 barb needle and I buy all my mohair from Angela’s mohair on Etsy. I also have a pair of scissors, a little box I bought from dollar tree to hold the cut locks and it fits in a storage box to keep it all together. I do have a rice sock for stubborn heads. I make my own spray from leave in conditioner and water that I wet the hair with when I’m done rooting for that session so I can see how it looks. Oh and I brush and style with a toothbrush.


When you start out, buy lots of needles. You will break them until you get the hang of it. Good mohair is critical. I have used Slumberland and Delta Dawn and I like both very much… I use a 43 guage single barb needle. I root with the head on my lap. I don’t heat my heads. I fill them up to the neck flange with poly pellets and then pack them tightly with paper towels. It keeps the vinyl from caving in so there’s much less needle breakage.


I do it the way @jeanhai taught me with the polypellets in the head:-) BUT… My heat light head rooter thing came yesterday, I am excited to try it!


I use the pink pen for rooting, I started with the little wooden mushroom tool and couldn’t get the hang it it felt too big for my little hands lol.

I purchase the pen here Rooting Tool - Pink Felting Pen Rooting Needle Holder & 3 Needles

I use the 43g single barb needles and 43g regular needles from BB. 43g single for sparse hair and 43g regular for thicker hair without it being fool of plugs.

I am planning to give fork needles a try next.


Could you furnish a link to these needles, please? I would really like to to look at them. Thank you.


Kim from custom doll baby mentions the purple n white needle holder in one of her videos. The clay, I seen in another tutorial, you mold the clay around the needle n mold it as to how comfortable it would be for you to hold it, then you bake it in the oven. I have both, haven’t tried them yet. I’ve used the mushroom for my rooting only so far.

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Thanks, Debra. Interesting tool! I have ordered one, and look forward to trying it out.