Rooting Needle size?

What are 38 gauge crown needles good for exactly? I’m still very new to rooting, Only done one full head… And what are/is your favorite rooting needle/s?

I’ve never used a crown needle. My favorites, after much trial and error, are 43 guage single barb, German forked, and, for thicker hair, 40 guage
3 barb.

I prefer the 43G single barb. I love the forked needles but I don’t like the holes they leave.

Thanks, I only ever used the crown needle and I agree with not liking the holes it leaves

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Here are some other posts about the same questions.

There are more threads. If you go to the “looking glass” in the upper right corner and type in “rooting needles”, it will give you lots of information.


Thank you very much pia😀

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