Rooting my 10 inch kit Claire by BB

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I just finished rooting my 10 inch kit eye :eye: lashes ,phew she is so tiny and had difficulties in rooting her eye lashes , cuz she is so small …thank goodness for my magnifying glass :mag: with the light :bulb: on it, that am able to see it more closely as my eye sight really sucks lol :joy:,she is not perfect ,it’s enjoyable to Reborn a 10 inch ,but my recommendation,your better off working on bigger kits ,as this tiny kits is very challenging,specially when my eye sight really sucks lol

What?! I don’t understand!

Yes, if you have problems with your eyes is definitely easier to work on bigger size kits. I do really like the 23" kits

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Indeed ugh :weary: lol

I am glad you find reborning pleasurable. If you are having trouble with your eyesight you might want to invest in an OTT magnifier, it is good lighting and offers a better look at what you are doing. A ten inch doll seems like it would be quite a challenge for someone with vision issues.

If you are a beginning artist and looking to improve your skills and learn more there are many here who would be glad to give you some tips.

Reburying is challenging and takes a delicate hand, attention to detail and skills have to be developed over time.

I think a much bigger baby might be an easier task.


Be gentle.

Thank you :blush: