Rooting dye

Nevermind and ty!! Deleting now. :slight_smile:

It almost looks like you rooted at an angle and the hair is under the vinyl. Like instead of straight down, it went in sideways, if that makes sense.

I don’t root up and down or the hair will stand up. I want it to lay flatter
I was just practicing with light hair so wasn’t sure

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I’m the same and I noticed it looked like blackheads underneath lol like the hair under the skin.

I could def be wrong, that’s just what it looks like to me.

Sometimes, they say the needles should be wiped really clean before rooting as they are coated with something from the factory. They can cause some discoloration. I am not sure if that is what this is, though.

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@Vanniek have you tested the hair by running it under very hot water and blotting it with a paper towel to see if it bleeds?

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What looks like “blackheads” is the excess oils on the needles. When you open a new needle, you need to clean it really well with a cotton ball and alcohol. Even after I do that, I stab a test head several times to make certain there isn’t any black transfer to the plug.


Yes, but that would only be for a few stabs. It was def the hair under in that case though. I don’t know that her colorations would go on that long, as it would have been “cleaned” by the vinyl.

To a degree. I’ve had needles that were unclean and when I used them on a test head, left marks for 20 or more stabs.

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You would also get this look if you are rooting with very dark hair and get more than 2-3 hairs per hole.

That is what it looks like too.

What kind of hair are you using? I would def try running it under water to see if it changes color. I haven’t had it happen to me so I’m not sure what it would look like. :thinking:


I haven’t. I’ll try that ty

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I’m just trying to root anything I have. This very dark brown is delta dawn. But I have hair from other vendors. I’ll be selling soon one time or another. Have more than I’ll ever need.

Is this hair from the Russian shop that many are buying from? I know our @YelenaRey had hers bleed, I am not sure if she was able to rinse it clean or if she was able to use it. Maybe she can weigh in you are doing a good job otherwise.

I think that’s normal. Whenever I root dark hair somewhat thickly, it shows through. As if so many dark hairs make the vinyl look darker, even if it isn’t. Hope that makes sense

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Nope non of it is from Russia. The very dark hair is delta dawn. I’m waiting on some from Russia. It will be a long while yet. Some is from the quirky ppl lol. Forgot the last name of their company

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Yes, I was able to use it. When I was rooting and spraying with water it didn’t gave up a dye any longer. Didn’t use it on a doll as this mohair is slightly thicker/ coarse then I would like to have, but was perfect for my piglet.


Beautiful Yelena!! :heart:So the Russian mohair is coarse? Too coarse for a reborn? What needle did you use for it because I’m waiting on like 5 batches lol

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