Rooting curly biracial baby

I’ve always mixed earth mint with Phthalo green 06 and Flesh 08.

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So now that you have painted a biracial reborn, which would skin tone would you say is easier to paint? Caucasian or Biracial?

I’m going to experiment to see if I can get a decent color before ordering

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Caucasian by a league. Even AA was easier. Biracial takes a lot of careful paint application. You have to strike the right balance between both painting techniques. It was a fun challenge, but not something I want to repeat often. I would like to give major props for the ladies that paint those gorgeous biracial and ethnic babies. It is HARD!

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I feel like this baby is a group saga…sigh…in her pictures, I can’t see any blushing in the face. Could someone with more experience please weigh in? The tutorial I have is for AA and the blush is waaaaay too dark. I have no idea what to do with the palms and soles either. Thank you for all that have helped me. Your advice has been invaluable.

It’s hard to see her details in the pics but I am thinking light pinkish blushing may suit her complexion. Will see what others have to say.

Are the brows ok? As you can see, real baby Kathleeen has thick brows, but every time I tried to paint them thick, they just looked wrong. I have been fussing with these for hours :sob: She is one of the best babies I have ever painted and I don’t want to mess up this late in the game


I would ask grandma, otherwise leave it like this. She is sunning! :heart_eyes:

Rooting this little hard head. How do i make her hairline look more natural? This is the first time I have really worked with curly or black hair (the first time was a very amature stab and jab job)


This is what I would do

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Brush the hair down or add more hair?

Add more

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And then maybe add a little more at the temples

Ugh! I hate having this far to go and having to order more hair :sob: Her little head is so hard it has taken me FOREVER to root :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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