Rooted hair help

hi how do you get the wet look on rooted hair please. I have these beautiful twin kits 'maddie and ‘maddox’ ready to be made. Thank you


I think that is just actually wet. There are water drops on the head and arms.


If you use mohair conditioner it will look wet for photos of just plain water but if you want it to stay that way and not dry out I use pomade and children’s detangler together, I put a glob in my hand and spray conditioner and mix it around until it’s funny and then apply to hair and style I usually do this for shipping so when my baby goes home her hair looks like pictures, otherwise it can dry out during shipping and look very different by the time she arrives :blush:


Thank you hun sounds great xx

What is pomade?

I don’t care how many times you tell people to spay a tad bit of detangler on the hair then comb it the way they want it and let it dry like that the ask how do you do the hair?

I think pomade is almost like a hair “glue” you can find it in the shampoo area of walmart… I could be wrong about the description of the pomade though… But we do have pomade at walmart where i work… And i work in the health and beauty department


ok i just looked it up and its like a hair grease but its water based i believe… keeps the hair from drying out

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Or I use childrens hair gel by suave, its gentle and keeps hair in place

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I mainly use the passion fruit curl control paste and on occasion use the pomade, I love that curl paste but I dilute it with hair detangler and it stays just like my photos until I wash it out


Yeah I wasn’t sure as I live in UK don’t have pomade here. Thinking like brilcreme ? X just don’t want to damage the hair but get that lovely wet look on hair xx

Hi hun I’m from UK do you think it’s like brilcreme what men use ?

I get it in the ethnic hair section ( I don’t know if that’s the proper way to say section) but that’s what I recall the isle saying

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Thinking it’s likely newbies like me asking questions some of you have heard and know the answers well. Try to bear with us and thanks for the help.

If you ask any good salon to recommend hairdressing that will stay wet looking (unless brushed out) and hold it’s shape, they will be able to help you. YEs- do stay water based and try to go unscented. Hard to know what the receivers "scent"sitivities might be. Pomade is a styling term for “dressing.” Likely available at “Boots” in the UK!