Riley's head

BB’s Riley kit-

What heads would work well with Riley’s limbs?

Need some opinions! Thanks!!

I think any of the heads in that size range would work…Eliza, Holly, Kyle, Nolan, Heather, Milo…I was just looking at that size range and it seems their heads are all about the same size; those kits make 22" babies.

Hope this helps a little.

Yes, I agree! I like the full limbs.
It had a heather head with it, which looked great, but I have a set of heather limbs, so now they have their head lol

I got Riley after seeing one online that was really cute but the blank head is awful. Still trying to decide whether to paint it as one baby or whether to get a different head. It wouldn’t have been worth it to mail it back to BB for an exchange so I’ll figure it out someday. Her head is just too square looking. Maybe the hair helps with that? Anyone ever done her?