Rides for the ROSE 2016 Show

Hi Everyone!

We have exciting news !!! Bountiful Baby is offering rides from the Salt Lake City International Airport to the ROSE show in Layton, Utah! We will have 3 vans available to help those coming in for the ROSE show to get to their hotels. Before the show starts, we will be posting a number for you to call when you arrive at the airport, so that we can come pick you up! Please note that this IS NOT a shuttle and the days for the Bountiful Baby rides will be limited to certain days, but on the busiest days we will be running vans all day. It is Bountiful Baby giving our ROSE friends a ride to the show! There may be wait times, so if you are in a hurry, or have to be somewhere at a specific time, you may want to plan a ride ahead. We will be using the post on the ROSE Facebook page about when you are arriving and when you are leaving, to help us decide our rides schedule, so if you have not done so yet, let us know when you are arriving and departing!

As part of this, I would also like to introduce Ann Dee, a new Bountiful Baby employee. Ann is working with ROSE to help coordinate the events. Welcome ANN! @AnnDee

Thanks Everyone!
Emily, Bountiful Baby


@lynn, @AmyR777, @colee1970, @snuggle2me :slight_smile:


Welcome, Ann!! Thank you, BB (& Emily) for the rides!!!


Thanks Bountiful Baby!


Although I am not going (sniff) :cry: , I think that BB is very generous to help out the ROSE goers. Thank you BB.


Thats wonderful for BB to give airport rides. Hubby and I are driving there from Florida. Road trip! :slight_smile:


Oh wow! Safe travels! I am driving over from Idaho. I have less than 5 hours. You on the other hand… have many more. lol

I hope you take scenery pics you can share with us afterward!


We are going to be kid free and relax with driving. No rushing. Definitely sight seeing too.


thank you that will be great

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I think it is great they are offering rides. I already paid for a shuttle but I’m sure it will help a lot of people.

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WOW thank you BB!! Thanks @EmilyBB for letting us know and Welcome @AnnDee!!