Review request?

Did you know that after you sell a reborn on reborns dot com that it automatically sends an email to your buyer saying you are asking for a review request?

If the reborns site sent an email saying "do not forget to make sure you review your purchase " that would be okay. But instead it sends an email saying that I personally am asking for a review.
It literally sends an email saying “Mary Smith is requesting a review”

I think this is so tacky. If they wanted to give a review it should be because they want to, not because they think I am personally going out of my way and asking them for one


I thought we had to push the button to send the request


Yes you can do that as well but it automatically gets sent first

I’ve never gotten this email before and I’ve bought things from other sellers on there…
I think last time Dave was asked about this, he said it is for trustpilot .com


There are reviews on the site now as well

hmmm… no one has said anything to me, so I would never know… did you buy something? Is that how you noticed?

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Dave has pre-compiled text, but you can overwrite it. That is how it was from the day 1 when he started it.

I did not know it did this. I need to figure out how to make it say what I want it to say. Not everyone wants to give a review and I rather not ask or tick someone off by asking.