Review of Jerelin0's painted kit service on ebay (pic heavy!)

Hi there ladies! I saw on my post about the varnish that some of you wanted me to a review of Jerelin 0’s painting service on ebay. Here is a link to her ebay store if anyone is interested:
For those who are not familar with what a kit painting service is, basically, you provide the artist with a kit you would like to have painted. You then buy a body, polyfil, glass beads/steel shot (if desired) and you assemble yourself! It’s a great way to get a reborn you want on a budget!

Ok so I ordered Two libby kits to be painted Biracial by Jerelin0 and let me just say she did a great job! They look beautiful! At first, I orginally wanted them bald but that changed my mind after seeing the other kits she has done with painted hair. Here are some of the progress pictures she sent me:

Aren’t they adorable? One thing I will say is that she doesn’t use varnish to seal them. She also doesn’t do rooted eyelashes or magentic pacifiers so I had a friend do that for me. However other than that, Jerelino’s painting is awesome! and I would totally recommend her!
I will post pictures of my twins assembled soon. I haven’t decided on their names yet.


They are gorgeous!!! But what does she use to seal them? They have to be sealed to preserve the paint correct?

She didn’t seal them with anything. She said that the paint seals itself.

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And now here is a picture of them assembled!:


I’ve seen her listings on eBay for the longest time, and I always wondered if people liked her work! Thanks for sharing, your babies look great :heart:

No, they do not have to be sealed. I do seal the ones I sell, but mostly just because I have the sealer, s I may as well use it. I have been reborning for about 10 years and all my keepers are not sealed, and have been all played with by my granddaughter and there is no problem. The only one that went bit shiny was this one, but I went over her with the air dry varnish last year. As you can see, she was handled for a long time; my granddaughter is 8 now. My daughter had her and Zulu Lulu in pram together going for walks.


May I ask why?

I hate the marketing and packing part. I just want to make them and Have someone else deal with the customers. Lololol


The only things I don’t like with assembling dolls is that the glass beads can get everywhere and when I have to fight with the cable ties to go in the slots. Otherwise, I don’t mind.


I really hate getting one packed and mailing. It is the worst part to me.

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Yes!!! It takes me soooooo long !