Retorno de Kits para a Bountiful

strong textOla ! Meus kits retornaram a Bountiful baby. Gostaria de saber como faço para que a Bountiful me reenvie?

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Olá!! Eu comprei alguns kits na Bountiful baby em julho! Como foi minha primeira comprei fiquei rastrando somente no Site da Os kits chegaram no meu país e na minha cidade,mais não recebi nenhuma carta do correio como é de costume e tive outros contra tempos. Com isso, os kits retornaram a Bountiful. Não sei como proceder para que a Bountiful me reenvie.

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after using Google translate it seems to be Portuguese? It translated to this:

Hello ! My kits returned to Bountiful baby. Would you like to know how I can get Bountiful to resubmit me?

I think they mean their order was returned to sender? And they want to know how to have it resent back to them… But I could be wrong

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And this translated to:

Hello!! I bought some kits on Bountiful baby in July! As it was my first time I bought traces only on the Site. The kits arrived in my country and in my city, but I did not receive any letter of the mail as usual and I had others against it. With that, the kits returned to Bountiful. I do not know how to proceed for Bountiful to resend me.


Olá Jenni!!! É isso mesmo!

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Thank you I had no clue whatsoever perhaps you can tell her to contact Bountiful Baby ?

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Oh I see you did :smile:

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@Simone1 our Customer Service department will contact you regarding your order. For faster service in the future, please email our customer service department -

Thank you and have a lovely day.


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