Reshaping the face

Good morning everyone, Last night when I cured my reborn, I kept looking at the face n noticed the sides were kinda flat. I noticed it on the first reborn too. But thought nothing of it. I went back n looked at phototype for both babies. I seen in the Denise video, to fix it, after curing stuff head with washcloth or paper towels, then put in the frig for 15 min. Has this happened to any of you n if so how did you fix it. Should I leave the head stuffed every time I cure it?

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I’ve had to reshape heads before. Just stuff it to the correct shape and bake as usual. The vinyl has a memory and will come right back. I have been cautioned not to put it in the fridge, but just to let it cool down normally as the sudden temp change can potentially cause cracking in the vinyl.


How do you mean sagging? It sounds as though the vinyl may have gotten too hot and begun to melt. You could PM me a picture as I know these characters are secret.


Even if it has been cured several times? So should I cure it, then stuff the head while it’s warm? I use to sit the head up when curing in the nuwave. It would fall over, so I started laying it down.

No, stuff it while it is baking. I know that sounds scary, but if you are baking at 265 degrees, it will be fine. I stuff with polyfil, but others use washcloths, etc. to stuff. Keep an eye on it while it’s baking to make sure it doesn’t get too hot.

Also, I have found that baking heads lying down distorts the vinyl. I bake them upright. You have the ring for the oven and are using that, right? You can use “prop” around your heads to keep them from falling over. Again, I use polyfil when I have a head with thinner vinyl. Just make a little support around the head so it can’t fall over. Someone on here had a fire using polyfill. This baffles me. I have never had mine even come close to scorching. I don’t use a NuWave though.


When you say ring, you mean the round 3 in silver ring, if so, yes, I’m using it.

For those who don’t bake their parts, you can also achieve this by stuffing to the shape you want and putting the head upside down in gently boiling water for about 3-5minutes. (I tie string around the neck groove with loops to put a bamboo skewer through to rest on the edge of the pot so i don’t have to hold it.) Then put it in the refrigerator. When it has cooled it will hold the shape very well. I’ve never had a problem with one cracking but it could be because the water isn’t as hot as the oven.


I roll a washcloth like a snake, starting at the corner so it’s long. I make a circle and place the head upright. The washcloth circles the neck and provides support so the head doesn’t fall over.