Replacement arm! help!

Hi everyone! I need advice, I bought a tayla kit from ebay from a lady who was not going to use it. The kit was perfect when I recieved it. I did not like the way I painted the limbs so I decieded to start over, I used goo be gone to remove the paint layers from the vinyl. It worked perfectly EXCEPT>>>> One arm starteed to disgrineeate!! The thumb biodegraded and there is a tear in the finger! What can I do? Is there a way I can order JUST one arm for a tayla kit? please advise!! Thank you guys, I love this group!

You have to order a pair of arms unless BB just happens to have one laying around and can help you. Maybe @EmilyBB or @bbsupport can help you out with one. You can order a pair of Megan Arms (same size kit) from this link: Supplies - Bountiful Baby (DP Creations LLC) and type in item number 5231 in the search box.
Look at those arms and see if they will work for you?

Ouch! Be very careful with Goo Gone. I used it to get something off of some vinyl flooring in my bathroom and it ate right through the vinyl. Now I am replacing the flooring. Very expensive lesson.
I use LDC Paint Remover from Doll Dreams. Here is the link: It works great and will even remove the permanent MG Dolls Baby FX paint. It has been a lifesaver.

For stripping the ONLY product I trust is WINSOR-NEWTON…it’s worth the extra money.

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