Hi Everyone

Our “Inventory Reduction Sale” that we ran last Tuesday was interrupted early on Thursday morning due to a failure in one of our internal servers. Many of you will remember that for most of Thursday the website reported “Under Maintenance-- Please Try Again Later”. That was the reason.

Anyway, all is repaired and up and running again. I have run everything cautiously for a few hours now, and everything looks good. So, let’s go back into full swing…

…I am resuming the “Inventory Reduction Sale” that got interrupted.

As before, I have placed over 100 items on sale. There are even more items on sale than before, but it is a slightly different mix due to differing quantities sold during and after the previous sale. Just as before, my intent is to reduce our “Days of Stock” of inventory on these sale items by about two months (in order to free up warehouse space. Things will come off sale as they reduce in “Days of Stock” remaining for each item.

Check it out!

Nevin Pratt
CEO, Bountiful Baby


Thank you Nevin and BB!

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I think this is the link to the sale.

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Sooooo happy!!! Take my money!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: