Removing plastic discs from soft body

So my kit arrived along with the soft body I ordered to put it together. There are white discs in each limb hole. How do I remove them? Am I supposed to remove them? They are way too big to just attach the legs and arms to.

They stay on. They allow the joints to move. You put some polyfil in the limb caps and zip tie the arms and legs to those.

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No, those are the joints that let the arms and legs move. The arms and legs will just zip tie on to the arm and leg caps. Put a little bit of fiberfill in the cap first.

Oops, guess I should have read the post before answering, huh?? !! Hey at least we were on the same track, right?!


Hi, Lynn. :grin::grin::grin:

is there a demonstration to putting them on? I don’t see how to zip tie the limbs onto these discs.

Ok, I’m seeing it now. I don’t know why it was confusing me so much before, but I gently assembled it without tying the knots. This one is string instead of zip ties. I don’t know what was throwing me off so much but I see how it’s supposed to go now.