Removing chalky look

My baby is chalky after my base coat. How do I fix this? I read where you can wipe with thinner. If I do this how long do I need to wait before I bake it?

Chalky is one of two things. Paint too thick. Temperature not high enough or long enough to cure the paint.

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Can you upload a picture here?

I had a lot of chalkiness with my very first baby Iā€™d reborned when I started. But other than that, I never had any chalky issue since then.

The chalky appearance happened after my base coat BEFORE baking. I think probably the paint was too thick. How can I fix it?

That is normal, what you see is the light paint sitting on the vinyl, it should go away after you bake. If you are using german vinyl (the peachy stuff) and trying to neutralize with a lighter color it might seem chalky until you start building color. Make sure your paints are thin, you can tell by letting them sit. Thin paint will separate, the pigment will sink and the thinner will be at the top. If you are using thinning medium it should not be opaque meaning if you wipe your brush on a paper towel you should be able to see through it.

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Thank you!!! I am using German vinyl but did neutralize it before painting my base coat.