Reminds me of my daughter

I saw the BB Libby kit, and she reminded me of my daughter when she was a baby. So I decided I wanted to paint her. Libby who has been renamed, brought back so many happy memories while doing her. My daughter has not put her down yet and she is 13. I’m so happy! My daughter said “now you can keep me forever mom!” My daughter weighed 10.3
Libby weighs 7.15 lol


That’s an amazing kit match! Very sweet

perfif match cute

She totally does look like her!! How precious!!

It really does!! How sweet!:heart_eyes:

Txs everyone. I want to build a shelf and find sculpts that resembles my kids. Put them on the shelf and hang the kids pictures above them. I have my 2 girls done…Now I need to do my boys. Here is Lea n the Natalie kit.


So sweet :revolving_hearts:

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Love her! Gorgeous hair :heart_eyes:

Love them, I hope my Libby kit comes out just as nice as yours. What a sweet idea!

I’m sure it will Anne. Just have fun with it!

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Thanks everyone!

What a great gift for you and your daughter. Beautiful work

That is so cute. Wonderful story!

Awesome job and the kits were a perfect match for both of your lovely girls !!!

Absolutely beautiful!!!

Beautiful girls and dolls!

Thanks everyone for the compliments. I have learned so much from everyone. I’m having fun!

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